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About The Artist

Keith Sturgeon, aka “Skeeter” is from the greater Youngstown, Ohio area and is primarily a pinstripe artist focusing on striping and stripe portraits who also does some old-school lettering on items personalized for clients. He has been working on his pinstripe art for about nine years and his techniques have evolved over time.

Keith has done many commissioned works for collectors but is most proud of an unveiling of a painting at the Harley Davidson Museum for a charity that benefits homeless, female U.S. Armed Forces Veterans known as “Final Salute”. Sturgeon gleans inspiration from others in his field and admires other pinstripe artists’ works regularly while always being impressed with the imagination and generosity of their time and talents and credits Von Dutch’s works for inspiring him to get into the symmetrical style of pinstriping art.

“I love the Kustom scene, everyone that I have met that is into it has become a friend and I hope it continues to grow” says Sturgeon.

Keith mainly uses Alpha 6 Corp paints and brushes in his creations. 
He really wants his style of portraits to take off so he can retire one day and enjoy life” and he's hoping to have his own one-man show someday. His plans for the future are to continue to grow as an artist and keep pushing his unique style to the limit.

The portraits are done with pinstripes that are driven towards realistic-looking, traditional portraits from a distance but once you get closer you see that there are literally thousands and thousands of individual lines. A portrait can take 25 hours plus to complete. There are not many other artists creating this style of pinstripe art and Keith wants to be the best at what he does and hopes to one day be able to sell the realism of his pinstripe portraits on a medium to large scale.

Casey Malone Show 

See Keith interviewed on The Casey Malone Show. In the interview, Keith shares his passion for creating custom portraits and custom designs on cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Check it out, watch it now. 

Street Scene Power Hour

Keith Sturgeon returns almost 2 years to the day for our 58th episode of Street Scene Power Hour.  You have to listen to Keith's story from the last time we heard from him with tales of Sema, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Kid Rock and Ace Frehley!  Don't miss these stories!

Recent Work

Here's a list of answers to frequently asked questions.

How did Keith become an artist?
It kind of came naturally for him. He has been working on pinstripe art for about nine years and his techniques have evolved over time.
Where can I see his work?
Keith is always sharing new examples of his work on his website, social media, and at various art exhibits throughout the city.
Does he sell his paintings?
Yes. Most of his artwork is available for sale. If you are interested in a particular piece, please contact him for pricing and availability.

How can I hire Keith to create a custom piece of art?
Give him a call today 
so he can learn more about what you are looking for and confirm availability.

Why Work With Keith

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If you're interested in hiring Keith for a custom piece of art, or want to purchase one of his creations, here are some reasons why you should work with him.

He's Creative
Every piece of art he produces is 100% original and unique.

He is Friendly and Professional
He stands behind all of his artwork and services and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Want to Buy a Painting or Discuss a Project?

Contact Keith "aka" Skeeter Today